Exterior Packages‏

Please be mindful of the package you choose, and be realistic about the expectations! While we always do the absolute best we can, we can only make the vehicle look as good as the package you choose. For example: A car that has faded paint would need either our "Light Paint Rejuvination" package or our "Insane Paint Restoration" Package, as our High Class Trio will not bring faded paint back to life.

High Class Trio - $150-300

Don't let our entry level package fool you! Our High Class Trio gives you an insane bang for your buck! We start out by deep cleaning your fender wells, wheel barrels, wheel faces, brake calipers, tires, and suspension parts. Next, we give your paint the best cleansing that it's likely ever received, using some of the most powerful, yet safest soaps on the market today! We use a 3 bucket wash system, insuring that no harm is done to even the softest of paints and the dirtiest of vehicles! After we finish cleaning your ride, we give it our clay treatment, to remove embedded contaminants such as brake dust, tree sap, environmental fallout, bug residue, and other harmful contaminants. We then dry your vehicle with our Express sealant, and then layer that paint up with Shine Supply's Signature Shine carnuba wax, for 6+ months of INSANE, glowing protection!!! Tires and fender wells are dressed with "Decked Out" and all plastic trim is hydrated with Trim Shield for that "new car look"!

Light Paint Restoration - $600-900

This package introduces you to the world of paint corrections! Our Light Paint Restoration is meant for gloss enhancement! This package can remove UP to 75% of swirls, and removes light oxidation, to restore that rich, glowing look to your vehicle! This package includes everything that our High Class Trio offers, but also boasts a single step polish on your paint! We then wipe the paint down with "Throwback" to remove polishing oils from the paint so that our protection will bond for longer lasting results. Topped with Signature Shine Paste Wax for 6+ months of protection!


The Enthusiast - $825-1400

For the serious enthusiast, this package will get your ride "show car ready", and leave you with a permanent grin on your face! This package is intended for vehicles that have been severely neglected throughout their lives, or for those whose vehicles aren't necessarily bad, but want them as close to perfect as they can get! We start out by doing an extensive cleaning of the fender wells, wheel barrels, wheel faces, brake calipers, tires, paint and windows. We then clay all painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants. The paint and all glass is then dried. All painted surfaces are buffed with "Classic Cut" to remove light to moderate scratches and heavy swirls. Our second step is to follow up with "Classic Polish", removing any haziness and any remaining swirls to leave your paint crisp, bright, and deep! A "Throwback" wipe down is then performed to remove all polishing oils to allow our protection to bond to your paint. We top your paint with Daddy-O paint sealant for 12+ months worth of incredible protection! Tires, fender wells and suspension parts are dressed with "Decked Out", and all Plastics are hydrated with Trim Shine to complete that "Show car shine"!

Interior Packages‏

Wanna know how long that petrified McDonald's french fry has been laying there under your seat? Neither do we, so long as it goes bye bye--along with the dust, grime, buildup, and any other ugly masking your vehicle's interior glory! Introducing our Interior Packages...

Light - $50-125

Don't let "Light" fool you! This package is meant as a quick "pick me up" for interiors that are kept in pretty good condition! This package includes: ​ ​Thorough vacuum of seats and carpets ​Cleaning of the dash, door panels, and center console with mild cleaners ​All plastics conditioned with non-greasy plastic conditioner ​All glass cleaned ​Door jams and trunk jams wiped down to reveal a sparkling clean finish

Medium - $125-300

Includes everything from Light Interior Package, but also includes spot cleaning carpets and headliner to remove stains. Heavy and thorough Leather cleaning and conditioning for seats and or door panels.


Heavy - $300-500

This package is meant for those interiors that have been neglected throughout the years! Stains in the carpets, seats or headliners? Soda syrup on your plastics? Leather seats very soiled and hard? This package is for you! This package includes:​ ​​​Thorough Vacuum of seats and carpets ​All carpet/fabric steam cleaned and extracted to remove stains/ground in dirt​​ ​​Door panels, dash, center console scrubbed to remove dirt and grime ​All plastics conditioned with "Dress it up" interior conditioner ​Leather seats scrubbed with leather cleaner to remove inset dirt ​Leather seats conditioned with Leather Conditioner to hydrate leather and protect it. All glass cleaned ​Door jams and trunk jams wiped down to reveal a clean finish.


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