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If the awesome imagery of cool cars and trucks haven't convinced you there's no better place in the world to take your beloved wheels, get ready to learn why Hornbuckle Auto Detailing truly stands apart.


In May of 2016, the owner of a black, 2014 Camaro SS caught glimse for the first time something he felt warranted ending a two year love affair with his ebony lioness. He chose to embrace a new noire of automotive power and style. He went and bought a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS.

On the eventful day of delivery, it was raining. The owner once told me some of the best moments ever in his life were spent in a steady downpour. This was one of those day, to be sure. But it stands to reason whether one should ever buy a car when it is wet outside. Although amazing this car looks in beads; at the time of sale, the saturated vision of dark beauty held a secret... a frightful secret. 

Despite its new price and teenaged odometer, this car had been washed a few times. Then, apparently, it had been washed a few more times. In each of those sudsie instances, tiny, hairline scratches began to form in the paint. The car was obviously cleaned without a degree of care, or regard. The next sunshine came 6 whole days after the owner drove his new Camaro home. It was on this day that the ugly finally reared.

Paint swirls, nicks, marks, even buffer halos! Realizing such evidence, the dealership had certainly made attempts to fix what their wash team had inflicted on the otherwise piano black. But it was wrong done. The sight of the car in the sun was painful, embarrasing, pitiful in every respect of the word. Here was a brand new 2016 Camaro SS sitting hidden in a garage, with its owner too ashamed to drive it even for gas.

Enter Matt Hornbuckle. The owner entrusted his disfigured beauty into Matt's care. This is the result. You will recognize her especial elegance in other areas of this website.

No more paint swirls, no more halos, even much of the common orange peel seen on cars still on the factory truck--- all imperfections were gone. See how the bit of fluff stands in crisp detail over the smooth paint in the boundary image below? Today, only a rich blackness of pristine sheen can be seen upon a virtually flawless mirror surface.

If I could ever bestow a sliver of good advice, I would say never buy a new car to brighten your rainy day.  But, if you must, and you find yourself suffering the same pain the owner in this story once endured, I say to you simply... take heart.

Hornbuckle Auto Detailing will make it all better.


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